Kim Kardashian x Beyoncé Keep Friendship Out Of Public Eye

These two ladies are having their very different kind of ‘hook up’ on the low but not for romantic purposes, mainly for the issue of being in the public eye. Rumors of Kanye setting up a dinner date with the two have sparked all kinds of other talks of the friendship between these two ladies being non-existent to them being BFFs.

But after they were spotted together moshing and having a grand ‘ol time at one of the “Watch The Throne” shows it looks as if these two may be closer than we all once thought. While Bey stans have heart attacks everywhere, Kim is loving her newfound friendship– but sources say she doesn’t want to “blow it.”

And who could blame her, really? The New York Daily News shares “Kardashian is abiding by the “unwritten rule” that “she is not allowed to blast to the world her business with Bey and Jay. She’s hung with them a few times already, but she isn’t saying peep about them. She’s not tweeting or taking pictures with (Beyoncé) because she doesn’t want to seem desperate.”

Sounds like she’s a stan herself who just wants to make nice with her favorite, most powerful celeb– who just so happens to be close friends with Kim’s beau Mr. Kanye West.

What do you think of the blossoming friendship between these two women?

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