Matt Barnes Talks Sex With Gloria Govan In ‘Bleu’ Magazine

Matt Barnes and Gloria Govan had their moments of separation recently, but as of lately the couple has been back on and better than ever (is what it looks like from an outsider’s perspective). Once they were broken up, Matt had been linked to Eva Longoria for a quick minute; and Glo had her 15 minutes with Game and his homie.

But now that all is fine and dandy in the Barnes home, Matt is getting back on his work game with an interview in Men’s fashion, culture and entertainment magazine “Bleu.” Doted as the “bad boy” of the NBA, Matt had a brief interview where he may have cleared the air about a few things that those wondering may have gotten their answers to.

For instance, if you ever had curiosities about Gloria and Matt’s sex life? “Sometimes that means after lunch you go and have sex in the bathroom. We do things outside the norm. I think we were in London last year in a really fancy nice restaurant and….the bathroom.”

He breaks it down a little bit and more regarding his jealous feelings when the two were split up and doing their own thing. “Even when Gloria and I were dating other people,” recalls Matt, “when people would say things about her, it bothered me. Even though we weren’t together it was something that made me mad you know? It’s different when they are talking about the mother of your children.”

Maybe we’ll see some sexy moments between these two on season 2 of BBW LA.

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