Willow Smith Defends Her Fake Tongue Ring Pic [PHOTO]

Willow Smith isn’t even a teenager yet, and she’s stalked by the media constantly for her wild child style and unpredictable fashion moves. As any pre-teen girl would love to be, Willow has got the freedom and acceptance from her parents Will and Jada to shave her head on a whim and dye it all shades of the rainbow too.

But she shared a recent photo on Twitter that had some heads rolling– and not in a funny way. Little Willow Smith was photo’d with a friend with what appeared to be a tongue ring in her mouth. It didn’t take long for things to get blown out of proportion and people began to pass judgement.

Willow soon shared that the ring was fake and seemed to maybe be a little bit upset by the uproar she had caused unintentionally. It’s certainly not out of the ordinary for young kids to want to pretend– and at that age it’s not so ‘cool’ to play pretend in the same ways. So what do you do? Buy a magnetic tongue ring and post up some pics on Twitter.

We would think that tongue piercings would be where her mom and dad would draw the line, and expect that we’d be right. What do you think of Willows latest experiment?

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