Gloria Govan Talks Season 2 of ‘Basketball Wives LA’

Gloria Govan may have had a taste of the original “Basketball Wives” cast, but she also spear headed the Los Angeles show with the cast all herself as somewhat of a BBW veteran.

Now that the second season is full speed ahead, Gloria is already speaking a bit about what to expect in the up and coming shows– or at least what not to expect from the women of the West Coast.

“Basketball Wives: L.A.’ is a little bit more mature. Don’t get me wrong, you’re definitely going to see drama. But you’re not gonna see us throwing bottles and trying to hit each other. I just think that’s overdone.”

It will be drama filled, we’re sure; but not to the point where people’s assistants are slapping other cast members during meals. Los Angeles has already been there, done that and it sounds like this cast is putting themselves a step above the rest.

Interesting enough we’ve seen some of the arguments between herself and Matt Barnes go down on Twitter, not to mention her scandalous ways have been aired out as well. Do you agree with Gloria’s assessment of the newest VH1 season?

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