Beyoncé x Kim Kardashian Photographed Together During ‘Watch The Throne’ Show [PHOTO]

While it looks like Beyoncé may have been rumored to be not so friendly with Kim Kardashian– or at least not wanting to be, Miss Houston Hospitality has caved. Both of their men are still on tour across the pond together, and it appears that the two ladies in their lives are growing closer.

There were many talking before the tour started about Bey bad mouthing the Kardashian camp and making things clear that she in no way wanted to be affiliated with the Jenner/Kardashian crew. But cameras don’t lie, and these two super stars were photographed together over the weekend at one of the many Watch The Throne concerts.

Kim was of course spotted cheesing for the cameras that were all around, and Beyoncé was doing none other than… hiding. Yes, hiding. And just like we mentioned, photos don’t lie.

It led to somewhat of an uproar on Twitter with stans going in on Kim’s ‘thirst’ and others just talking about how big Kim is winning right now. A man, a husband, Oprah, success, Lamborghinis… and now Beyoncé is in her court, too. What do you think the deal is with these two women? Friends, foes, or just being cordial?

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