Rihanna Not Happy With Her Size 0 Body?

Rihanna Not Happy With Her Size 0 Body?

Rihanna Esquire

If we aren’t all criticizing celebrities and their personal lives, we are looking at their fashion sense and picking apart their bodies. Well, Rihanna doesn’t care what you think of her slammin’ bod, but she doesn’t seem to be all that easy to please herself.

After being a bit teased for her thickness toward the end of her “Loud” tour, Ri began to slim down quite a bit and showed off her long and lean body at this year’s Grammy Awards in a stunning gown.

But what about now? Well, it looks like the excitement of being small has worn off, and Ri wants her curves back. She told US “I’m a size 0 — and not happy about it!” she says. “I went way too far. I prefer myself a bit chunkier. I want my old butt back!”

Her work schedule doesn’t seem to help her cause. After being seen with an IV drip in a hospital bed she’s still going hard with her craft. Ri is recording album number 7 and would even like to act in another movie or two by the time she goes on tour next.

Even though our opinions don’t count, how do you like Rihanna best?

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