Rihanna Rocks A Brand New Falcon Foot Tattoo

RiRi is always stepping up her tattoo game steady, and it hasn’t been too long since she got her first white ink “Thug Life” tattoo across her knuckles that the pop star has added to her collection of tatts.

The latest add to Rihanna’s body of art is an Egyptian falcon in flight on her right ankle. Oddly enough, the bird’s artistic styling is shaped into that of a gun, with the feet posing as the trigger. Rihanna already has a gun reference or two on her body– so chalk this one up to her ‘bad gal’ ways

She’s always been on some different ish when it comes to her tattoos, her hair and her style in general but she’s loving her 17th tattoo, which seems to be bringing her peace at the moment.

Rihanna tweeted about the tattoo, sharing:

Falcon: a light that shines in the darkness! Never close their eyes during sleep http://t.co/HjtcCdjj

She’s clearly had some stresses on her mind, and likely some of these thoughts are on the whole Chris Brown and Drake debacle. Nevertheless, Rihanna posed for a few shots with her new tattoo in all its black and white glory.

What do you think of the newest addition?

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