Lil Kim Announces New Boyfriend Mr. Papers

Lil Kim Announces New Boyfriend Mr. Papers

Lil Kim Boyfriend Mr. Papers

via Instagram

Lil Kim has been linked to some of the most notoriously popular men in the rap game, past and present– but it looks like she’s keeping her latest love under the radar (as under the radar as Lil Kim can).

When the Queen Bee recently tweeted about her latest love affair, many took the photo as a joke by the sounds of her ‘lol’ echoing through the Twitter verse, but it looks as though she is the one having the last laugh.

Kimmy Blanco and Mr. Papers are looking pretty official these days, and over the weekend the pair was spotted out and about together at hot spot night clubs like Los Angeles’ celeb hangout, The Key Club. Not only were they together, but the lovebirds were seen kissing and canoodling– no he said she said rumors here, these two were caught in the act.

Haven’t heard of Mr. Papers before? Neither have we. All we can come up with is that he either smokes a lot of weed, or he’s got a lot of papers in the bank. He’s tweeted about Kim constantly for a minute now– calling her “babygirl” a majority of the time… but some just aren’t buying it. What do you think, are these two an item?

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