Brandy Talks Two Eleven Album Release Date

Miss Brandy Norwood has kept somewhat quiet since her initial shock of Whitney Houston’s death, and it’s been her inspiration that’s kept the former “Moesha” star going at times. She’s gone through her ‘Bran’Nu’ phase and now the singer is back to her R&B roots on her next album.

Brandy shared her album title a while back, and Two Eleven is a symbolic date for Brandy, not only is it her own birthday, but it happens to be the same date that Miss Houston passed away this year.

But Brandy has been working hard to put down the tracks on her latest body of work and tweeted about just when we will all be able to hear the full LP with a simple tweet saying, “Two Eleven 8/28.” So expect to hear some old school mixed with new school Brandy this August.

She also spoke with Rap Up about what we can expect sonically, noting ““It’s just gonna be a different album, but of course expressing the love that I feel now and the struggles and different situations that I’ve gone through in the past. My music always tends to be the soundtrack to my life and definitely inspired by what I see other people go through as well—gritty, edgy, different.”

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