‘Skinny Girl’ Bethenny Frankel x Kandi Burruss Talk Sex [VIDEO]

Bethenny Frankel has been known to be over the top loud and open (perhaps a little too open) about personal details, so it’s only right that she and Kandi Burruss from RHOA get togther and have some girl talk.

Obviously from one Real Housewife to another the ladies had a conversation regarding Kandi’s sex toy line, “Bedroom Kandi.” Woman to woman, they talked about sex being a taboo subject– especially in the black community and men’s unwillingness to bring toys into the bedroom.

Sex as a sensitive subject: “I didn’t realize that until now. In our community, that black community, it is very hush hush to talk about sex. Everything is hush hush, like you can’t talk about that.”

Black men and bedroom toys: “Black men a lot of times are not down with that at all because it’s this whole thing of ‘Black men are supposed to be swinging,’ which a lot of them are not!”

Other than their conversation (which managed to stay somewhat tv appropriate), these two have got other things in common– including spin off shows that they were able to land via their Bravo appearances.

Take a look at Kandi and Bethenny’s chat below.

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