Dr. Dre, Eve Subjects In Lawsuit Over ‘Love Is Blind’ Royalties

Eve is just now starting to make her way back to music, and of course with that comes those who are looking for handouts.

Apparently, producer Greg Hutchinson, has been claiming himself as the co-writer and producer of Eve’s hit song “Love is Blind” and now he wants his royalty check.

Though he has stated that this all went down in ’97, she recorded it for her debut album a couple of years later only to cut him out of the deal (allegedly).

Now, ‘Big Hutch’ has filed suit against both Eve and her Interscope main man Dr. Dre for trying to shortchange him– so to speak. He’s shared that although there’s no tried and true evidence showing that he was involved with the song at all, he’s still got love for Eve. I’m not trying to take away from what Eve has done, but I was a key in helping Eve create a hit record.”

Eve’s got a lot of great records behind her, not all of which included ‘Big Hutch.’ While some are saying that he should get his cut, shouldn’t he have worked harder on filing things in the court of law a long time ago?

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