Rihanna and Drake Hanging Out Together Again

Rihanna and Drake have had quite the storied past, both in their musical endeavors together as well as their, well, more personal endeavors together. And while there has always been an element of secrecy around what the two are up to on a personal level, the rumors will start flying again as they were seen leaning on each other at Miami’s Club Liv, according to photos on Global Grind.

The two most recently worked together on Drake’s video for “Take Care,” and there have been rumors of the two recording an album together.

Of course, the most interesting rumors concern the couple’s romantic past, and whether things are heating up again. Though the two have never appeared extremely serious, Rihanna’s brother once allegedly said that Drake was nearly his “brother-in-law” at one point.

Drake also has included a few lines about Rihanna in various songs over his career. Do you think we have a new “it” couple in the making with these photos?


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