Christina Salgado Talks About the Upcoming Season of ‘Bad Girls Club’

With her stunning good looks, Christina Salgado is set to be the breakout star of the upcoming season of the Oxygen network’sBad Girls Club.” Recently, she down with to discuss the upcoming season, which was filmed in Cabo. In the interview, she talks about why she took the job in the first place, as well as what she looks for in a guy.

The aspiring model said producers of the show loved her as soon as they saw her. “They just loved me from the start,” she said. “They sent me to L.A., so I decided to go out and do the show. Because then it opens doors. So that’s basically why I did it. I wanted to model, I wanted to be on TV, I wanted to kind of get noticed and be in the scene and be on the night scene and meet a lot of different people.

As the guys out there, she also gave some advice on what she looks for in a fellow.

“The guys, we weren’t so much feeling the guys. If you get a dude who actually knows how to speak English over there, it’s some little corny tourist dude… You can’t seem desperate, you can’t be thirsty. Give me my little bit of attention, but fall back a little bit, have confidence in yourself, don’t be all over me. Because at the same time, I’m a really pretty girl so you’re one of the many dudes that are gonna be thirsty for me.”

Season Nine of “Bad Girls Club” is set to premiere in July.


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