T.I. The Latest Celebrity To Give Jay-Z Parenting Tips [VIDEO]

As if Jay-Z and Beyoncé haven’t been bombarded with all sorts of parenting tips, advice, suggestions since Bey found out she was pregnant– they are still coming from all directions. The latest comments are sweet sentiments sent from pal and fellow rapper T.I. Harris about having a daughter.

Tip spoke with Fuse TV to share any of his own personal advice about raising a family to which the ATL artist responded, “enjoy the moments. Enjoy the moments because once they’re gone, they’re gone.” Though Jigga has already made the decision to focus on being a Daddy, these types of things are the constant reminders that seem to be good ones to keep at the forefront of every memory created.

T.I. also added a good ideology to keep in the back of any father’s mind. “Little girls are going to judge men they meet in the future based off how their father treated them. You’ve got to be her first love, her first everything so when she run into nonsense in the street then she’ll know, ‘Nah, my daddy would never do it like that, so this isn’t even worth my time or attention.’

Some sound advice from a Dad who looks to have things all under control.

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