Will Smith Gives A Reporter The Smack Down [VIDEO]

Men In Black 3” star and actor Will Smith has been making the rounds doing promotion and red carpet events for the latest installation of the MIB series. He’s been globe trotting with his wife Jada to the various premieres but the one time he steps out on his own– Will gets come on to by another man. Not only another man, but a reporter at that.

The Ukranian reporter got fresh with the Fresh Prince and leaned in for a friendly kiss. But things went way too far when he kept on moving towards Will’s mouth. The action star shut that one down real quick once he realized what was going on, and shoved the guy back off him.

Before anyone knew it, Will had started to move away yet he reached back in to backhand the guy across the face. After all of that Will Smith moved on to the next interviewer and was sure to note “He tried to kiss me on my mouth– He’s lucky I didn’t sucker punch him.” He turned the comment into some what of a smart remarked joke saying “oh sorry, I said that on camera” as he proceeded on with his publicity.

Check out the latest slap heard round the world below.

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