Lil Kim Talks Past With Biggie x Scott Storch On ‘Breakfast Club’ [VIDEO]

Lil Kim’s previous relationships aren’t all that private when you look back at some of the things that have been shared, and she’s all too truthful when asked about her past. Not to the extent of telling to much, but Kim has always been pretty real about things.

She made her way to the holy grail of all morning talk shows that rip on artists, and though there were some tough questions the Queen Bee made it through without splitting any wigs (yes Charlamagne went there with the plastic surgery questions).

Though the tired ass Nicki beef was discussed through and through with a bit more of an explanation we’ve had in awhile about how it all started, Kim spoke on a few things relationship wise that sounded a bit more interesting than just re-hashing the girl on girl hate.

The former Bad Boy artist talked about her long time relationship with Scott Storch and revealed that she still loves him even though they’ve both grown in different directions. She told TBC the cliff’s notes version of how their love came crashing down after moving to “Star Island” down in MIA.

Kim also made some interesting revelations about her talked about indiscretions with Biggie, and confirmed that Faith Evans walked in on the two of them in bed together at one point, but denies any sort of physical altercation with the R&B songbird.

Peep the interview below to catch the deets on all of the beef if you’re still interested…

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