Bobby Brown Talks Whitney Houston’s Death on Ellen [VIDEO]

Bobby Brown hasn’t really reconnected with his daughter Bobbi Kristina since Whitney’s untimely death. But it looks like he’s been dealing with his grief by spending more time with his son and fiancée around the Los Angeles area.

He’s been back on his promotional trail to talk about his latest and upcoming projects, so of course you know he’s got to address the topic of Whitney’s passing to give the fans some of the details and unspoken answers they’re looking for. Mr. Brown sat down with Ellen DeGeneres on her daytime talk show to hash things out.

He seemed a little bit distraught and perhaps a tad bit forced when he spoke about his ex wife, but plenty of what he said is ringing true for many– whether he truly believed these things or not. “She worked hard, played hard, lived hard, loved hard,” Bobby said at one point, seeming to get a bit emotional.

He shared his last memories of Whit, saying that she looked vibrant, wonderful and there were no warning signs prior to her sudden death. The overall tone of the interview was certainly solemn, but even then Bobby didn’t seem like he cared all too much. Especially when he talked about performing the night that he learned she died and saying that it was ‘impossible’ to get to Los Angeles. Something about that statement had B.S. written all over it. Not to mention his fashion game looked a mess too.

Check out a clip from Ellen below.

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