Lil Wayne Confesses Love For Trina, Wishes Monica A ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ [VIDEO]

Even though Weezy has been spotted with his girl Dhea on his arm for quite some time now– he’s still got a special place in his heart for The Baddest B–ch, Trina. Just the other night, the two were both down in Miami partying it up when Lil Wayne decided to let the whole club know just what he was feeling.

Weezy and Kevin Hart took the stage and while KH cracked jokes in between sentiments, Wayne got out a heartfelt ‘hello’ to the female rapper whilst telling her that he loves and misses her. The crowd ooh’d and ahh’d while Trina wasn’t really spotted responding to the shout out; though she was spotted keeping things classy in a mean Summer colored silk dress. Must be her new beau James Harden’s doing, it’s a far cry from some of her past looks.

Wayne performed a pretty intimate set at Club Liv, while Trina and Monica Brown kept things low key elsewhere in the club. Wayne also gave Monica a shout out, wishing her a Happy Mother’s Day.

What do you think, is it trouble in paradise for Wayne and Dhea? Or was he merely giving a friendly shout out to an old flame? Check out the fan captured video below and decide for yourself.

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