Bobbi Kristina x Family Set To Star In ‘Houston Family Chronicles’ Reality Show

Lifetime has got a great new interview based show that they’ve rolled out a super trailer for, but there’s another reality type show that’s in the works– and it’s about none other than the lives of Whitney Houston’s family in the post-Whitney era.

It took quite some time to hear from any of Whitney’s family members after her sudden death, and now that everything is pretty much out in the open there is a show in the works to depict their daily lives. So far it’s dubbed “Houston Family Chronicles,” and it’s mainly starring cast member is Pat Houston– Whitney’s sister in-law.

The cast also consists of Whitney’s brother Gary, her mother Cissy and of course who most want to see– her daughter Bobbi Kristina. Deadline shares, “ Pat also has the responsibility of raising Bobbi Kristina, who, while trying to move forward with life and make decisions about her future, must also learn to cope with such a devastating loss. With the certainty of a microscopic lens focused on this young woman and her every move, Pat, Gary and their tight-knit group of family and friends are committed to seeing that Bobbi Kristina can grow and experience life unscathed.”

Pat’s letting everyone know that she’s been working on the premise for the show for awhile now, but Whitney’s untimely passing has left things moving in a bit of a different direction as far as the show is concerned.

Will you be tuning in?

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