Lesbian JcPenney Ad – Hate By “One Million Moms” group

I just heard about the “Lesbian ad” for JcPenney. And the “One Million Moms” group commenting on it, that it’s wrong for someone to be displaying that for something that’s pretty popular.

I’d just like to say that I’m disgusted. The fact that this is the world I live in, the one I represent, the one I’m supposed to be happy to live on… There are people like this judging, on an ad!? I just don’t understand what people think when they say things like this.

People don’t understand that loving another gender is okay, it’s not wrong. It’s not bad. It doesn’t effect you. And it shouldn’t bother you.

The “One Million Moms” also said that because Ellen Degeneres is sponsoring JcPenney, they don’t really want to shop there anymore considering JcPenney supports being gay or lesbian. It’s not even about the support of being gay. It’s about her show and how many people she can bring in for their company.

It just irks me how someone can just hate on this subject. It’s not right.

Shame on you for thinking anything wrong of being gay. Not just the “One Million Moms” group, may I add who don’t really have a million moms in their group, not even close to it actually, but not only them, anyone who thinks being gay/lesbian is the wrong thing… It’s not. Love is love.

If I were one of those moms, I would think “What if it was my daughter?” because I would support my daughters opinion or feelings. If my daughter were to come home and say “I have this girl that I really love, and I want to be with her for the rest of my life” I’d say, “Yes! That’s okay! You do that, love who you want and don’t let anyone tell you different!”

Because honestly? Isn’t that what’s the best thing to do? Think about it, let me know how YOU feel against this subject.

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