OFFICIAL VIDEO: Nicki Minaj Premieres ‘Starships’ Visuals In Bikinis [VIDEO]

Nicki Minaj has been back to her normal self for the past couple of days post-Twitter meltdown, and she’s getting all caught up with her Barbz via the social networking site. All of her followers slowly reloading to her page gave her just enough time to get things ramped up and ready for her latest music video “Starships.”

She dished the scoop on recording the feel good jam to Ryan Seacrest recently, noting ”There was so much love surrounding the making of the song, because RedOne is just so sweet to work with, he just sent me that one day, and he said, ‘Hey, I got something for you!’ I was like, ‘You got to be kidding me, right?’”

The visuals premiered on MTV, and Vevo has been going through a little bit of a heated Twitter spat with the Barbz and Nic. Nicki is looking all kinds of fly in her bathing suits on Hawaiian beaches but she’s still eagerly awaiting the arrival of the vid on Vevo’s site.

Either way, Nicki tweeted about the experience of shooting atop a mountain in Hawaii, before telling her fans off for getting ratchet with Vevo.

The people of Hawaii were so enchanting. And that mountain top was freezing. The wind was blowing so hard (pauz) my ears hurt @ the end.
Nicki Minaj

Note: Stay tuned for the Vevo version once all of the kinks get worked out.

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