Nicki Minaj x Chris Brown Shooting Music Video For ‘Right By My Side’

Nicki Minaj made a huge splash as she came back to Twitter just the other night, and she’s still causing the Barbz to clamor back to their rightful owner. Though she may have started out back with only around 500,000 something fans following– she tweeted the official Twitter page to verify that all of her 11 million fan base is still there; but “it just takes time” for them all to come back.

As of now she’s already crept up to almost 6 million followers with only about half to go to fully be re-instated back to her Tweeps. But upon her return to the Twitter stage, Nicki shared a few little promotional tidbits to encourage her fans not to be so sad that she ever even left.

She felt bad for leaving her “borderline psycho” fans (as they dubbed themselves) and tweeted out for them to check her blog for everything they missed out on while she was absent from Twitter.

But she’s gotten us all up to speed and now that we know she’s going to be announcing her U.S. tour dates asap and the Canada dates soon to come as well– everyone can rest and focus on the “Starships” vid that’s releasing in no time. Not to mention that she and Chris Brown are shooting the visuals for “Right By My Side” this week (already happening?), so Barbz better get ready for Nic to hit the ground running now that she’s back up on Twitter.

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