King of the Hill Finale Leaves Meaty After Taste

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Last Sunday, the final episodes of King of the Hill aired on Fox.  It is truly the end of an era. With the Simpsons seemingly endless lifespan getting seriously old, to me King of the Hill was the only cartoon worth watching. Having a child, I am pretty much forced to watch all of the children’s cartoons against my will, so I don’t have much time in my show schedule for a bunch of crappy adult cartoons. By the time it is evening, I am usually more interested in seeing some actual human beings on the screen rather than of a bunch of farting cartoon characters with foul mouths. King of the Hill has pretty much filled any need I had for watching cartoons after dark for the past few years.

Originally, I could not stand the show mostly due to the fact that it was about hicks, and it was horribly drawn and animated in the early episodes. This combined with the fact that I used to think Beavis and Butthead was one of the worst shows ever made, kept me from taking the show seriously for the first few seasons. I am not sure exactly what made me start liking the show or when I started liking it. It might have been the same time I gained respect for Mike Judge’s work by watching the movie “Office Space”. Since then, my appreciation of KOTH, and Mike Judge has steadily grown along with the amount of laughs I got from each episode. To put it simply, I love King of the Hill and I am quite disappointed that it will no longer have any new episodes for me to watch.

So, the other day of course I missed it when it aired, but thanks to the wonders of DVR, I was able to watch the final episodes in HD. I had never gotten to see any of the previous episodes in HD, so that was a treat but at the same time it was sad because there will be no more new episodes for me to watch on my new TV.

I queued  up the episode and hit play, sat back and laughed as Hank and the boys got bored and decided to build the ultimate homeless cart. The laughs kept on coming as the fellas along with Lucky, successfully build the cart only to have it be rejected by their homeless friend Spongy due to the fact that by having a cart so totally awesome, he could be in fact putting his life on the line.

The episode was hilarious and was totally satisfying in classic KOTH fashion. When it was over, I noticed that another episode was about to come on. I thought “Are they playing the same one again?”, but to my surprise it was another brand new episode and would be the official last episode. I must say that I was super pumped about getting a bonus episode that I was not expecting.

This second episode was totally awesome and was in my eyes, a perfect ending to the awesome adventures of the Hill family. Bobby finds his calling and Hank couldn’t be more proud I am sure. To everyone’s surprise, Bobby is a natural at determining the quality of meat. How great is that?! Not only does this hidden talent totally kick ass in Hank’s eyes, but it also ends up giving Bobby the opportunity to make his father even more proud by giving Bobby the chance to “Go to state”. This was the funniest thing in the world to me, and Hank couldn’t have been more proud father.  He even refers to the fact that by going to state, it will give them stuff to talk about for the rest of their lives. I could have cried I was so happy for Hank and Bobby as well.

The episode goes on and gets funnier and funnier and Bobby ends up winning the state championship single handedly and being the MVP of the meat judging competition. He shows excellent sportsmanship and the episode ends giving us assurance that Bobby will indeed grow up to make Hank as proud as can be. Another awesome little surprise at the end of the episode is that we find out that Boomhauer is actually a Texas Ranger. Look out Chuck Norris!

All in all, both final episodes were totally great. I don’t know what the reason for cancelling the show is, but it is truly a shame to let this fantastic franchise go the way of the dodo. I will continue to watch the reruns for the rest of my life I am sure. I love this show for some weird reason and I am sad to see it go.

Good luck out there Bobby. I am sure you will make us all proud. As for Mike Judge, I plan on seeing his new movie “Extract” but I might have a little chip on my shoulder during the viewing… I hope that King of the Hill is not the last of Judge’s work to make me laugh.


Comment from Meat
Time September 18, 2009 at 7:02 pm

Very sad indeed. Family Guy sucks. American Dad is even worse.

Comment from kumqlzxdaw
Time October 7, 2009 at 6:16 am

King of the Hill Rules!

Comment from Steve
Time May 28, 2010 at 4:50 am

American Dad is gut wrenching..watching that is like watching a lot lizard preforming oral..