Royce Reed Goes On A Blog Rant Concerning Dez Briscoe’s Sexting

Royce Reed Goes On A Blog Rant Concerning Dez Briscoe’s Sexting

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Royce Reed and her beau Dezmon Briscoe are done for now, but that doesn’t mean that she’s not going to talk about it. When does Royce stop talking, anyway? Just the other night all of the lies unfolded, bursting Royce’s happy bubble with her man.

After Dez admitted to sexting his baby’s Mama on Twitter (really?) she took to Twitter to respond to it all and that’s where things became messy. Who airs out their dirty laundry on Twitter intentionally?

The worst part is that once his baby’s mother came out with the messages, apparently another female stepped in to show off her sexts from the 22 year old NFL player, too. Got him looking like he’s Tiger Woods or something.

She took to VH1 to make an official statement on it all, saying: “Regardless of what happens I will be okay. Do I love him? Yes. Is that enough to stay? At this point, no. I entertained the mother of his son because I trusted what I was told and I stood by him as I should have. Was I the fool? Yep! Do some find it funny that I have egg on my face? Sadly yes, but that means they are lacking happiness and love in their own lives hence them basking in another person’s hurt. Ignorance is bliss but it’s also dangerous.”

All we can say is thank goodness Royce didn’t marry him sooner than the recent mentions of engagement… Read the rest here.

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