Barbz In Distress: Nicki Minaj Deletes Twitter Account

Nicki Minaj fans are in a frenzy this evening over the deletion of their favorite female rapper’s Twitter page. It comes as a shock to the 11 million Barbz all over the world who follow the Harajuku Barbie’s every move.

Apparently she got into it with the Minaj based fansite, Nicki Daily– to the point where she blocked them on Twitter and began to go off once she found out that they had posted songs off of her latest album (Roman Reloaded) before the LP hit stores.

All of this drama between the starlet and the site created a bit of a divide between the Barbz themselves and even had a few of Nicki’s fans going in on her. SMH! She eventually had the last laugh when she said her final words and deleted her Twitter account.

“And that’s exactly why I’m paying the barbz DUST right now! And deleting my twitter. Smdh – don’t cry 4 me argentina / On 2nd thought I’ll just follow a new set of barbz. The ones I follow r very mean and ratchet. *side eyes them* / Exactly. Posted leaked music! *deletin twttr* RT @NickiBarbPink: @NickiDaily kno why they got blocked. / Like seriously, its but so much a person can take. Good f–king bye.”

After all was said and done we can’t help but to wonder what Nicki is going through internally; or is this just another one of her alter-egos getting the best of her? She’s had a nonstop schedule as of lately and there’s more and more to come. Hopefully it doesn’t all come crashing down.

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