Justin Bieber – BOYFRIEND new single

Justin Bieber new album 'Believe'

So it’s no big news that Justin Bieber’s new song, Boyfriend, is out into the public… People say it’s amazing, mostly ‘Beliebers’ of course, but the song has pulled in a lot of views in only 1 week.

It’s a new sound for him really, kind of more hip and less “lovey dovey” as most would say. Some think he is trying to act “ghetto” because it seems that that is the new sound these days , but that’s just an opinion of some people, not everyone. Because he went through a voice change, very quickly, it was hard for him to hit the high notes, but because his voice is deeper, his song appears as sexy and more seductive than his usual stuff. Although many people hated his music or even him not too long ago, this song has brought the attention to plenty of people that he really is good. Justin’s new song has made people believe that his new album “Believe” will be truly amazing, which sources tell us that he should drop the album around June 25th, 2012. Be prepared.

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