Lesbian JcPenney Ad – Hate By “One Million Moms” group

I just heard about the “Lesbian ad” for JcPenney. And the “One Million Moms” group commenting on it, that it’s wrong for someone to be displaying that for something that’s pretty popular.

I’d just like to say that I’m disgusted. The fact that this is the world I live in, the one I represent, the one I’m supposed to be happy to live on… There are people like this judging, on an ad!? I just don’t understand what people think when they say things like this.

People don’t understand that loving another gender is okay, it’s not wrong. It’s not bad. It doesn’t effect you. And it shouldn’t bother you.

The “One Million Moms” also said that because Ellen Degeneres is sponsoring JcPenney, they don’t really want to shop there anymore considering JcPenney supports being gay or lesbian. It’s not even about the support of being gay. It’s about her show and how many people she can bring in for their company.

It just irks me how someone can just hate on this subject. It’s not right.

Shame on you for thinking anything wrong of being gay. Not just the “One Million Moms” group, may I add who don’t really have a million moms in their group, not even close to it actually, but not only them, anyone who thinks being gay/lesbian is the wrong thing… It’s not. Love is love.

If I were one of those moms, I would think “What if it was my daughter?” because I would support my daughters opinion or feelings. If my daughter were to come home and say “I have this girl that I really love, and I want to be with her for the rest of my life” I’d say, “Yes! That’s okay! You do that, love who you want and don’t let anyone tell you different!”

Because honestly? Isn’t that what’s the best thing to do? Think about it, let me know how YOU feel against this subject.

Starships – Nicki Minaj

Have you heard Nicki Minaj’s new song “Starships”? It’s very appealing to someone like me, a teen, but can be very annoying to others.

Some people don’t like her because she is very ghetto and just plain stupid and that’s not what a lot of people want…But this song has got that fun, playful, sound to it and is great to get into the mood to go out and have fun, that’s why I like it.

Some people have been begging for the video of “Starships” to come out because knowing Nicki Minaj’s past music videos, we kind of have the outlook that it will be crazy and unusual, and a lot of us tend to like things like that. Hollywood Butcher has been snooping around on the interwebs and we found out that her new video for “Starships” will be coming out in 5 days, which according to the calendar is Next Tuesday, April 10th, 2012. Is it just me, or are you very excited to see what amusing, quirky, new video she has planned for us this time?


If you haven’t heard the song, here it is —>  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-8MagxjOrE

Super Luv – Shane Dawson

If you haven’t heard Shane Dawson’s new song “Super Luv” or don’t even know who he is, I think you should check him out.

Anyways, his new song “Super Luv” is not only catchy, but has a great meaning to it. Even if you don’t know who he is or haven’t seen any of his other videos, the lyrics will speak to you if you listen closely. It’s about a girl who was abused by her father as a child and grew up to an abusive boyfriend. Shane is also bullied because, well, he cares for this girl that everyone knows he cannot have. Shane has a set out goal to get this girl to be all his, but in order to get passed all of the bullies, he has to be strong and a HERO! He tries, and tries… Finally he gets the girl and feels accomplished.

Honestly, I’ve been watching his videos for about four years; he was who I turned to after Fred. And I can honestly say that this is one of his best songs yet. I know he worked so hard on this, with the huge cast, writers, directors and producers; they even filmed it in a real high school. So if you haven’t seen it, here’s the link! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_NONLMR7dbM&list=UUN9wHzrHRdKVzCSeV-5RuzA&index=1&feature=plcp Give it a like(;

Justin Bieber – BOYFRIEND new single

Justin Bieber new album 'Believe'

So it’s no big news that Justin Bieber’s new song, Boyfriend, is out into the public… People say it’s amazing, mostly ‘Beliebers’ of course, but the song has pulled in a lot of views in only 1 week.

It’s a new sound for him really, kind of more hip and less “lovey dovey” as most would say. Some think he is trying to act “ghetto” because it seems that that is the new sound these days , but that’s just an opinion of some people, not everyone. Because he went through a voice change, very quickly, it was hard for him to hit the high notes, but because his voice is deeper, his song appears as sexy and more seductive than his usual stuff. Although many people hated his music or even him not too long ago, this song has brought the attention to plenty of people that he really is good. Justin’s new song has made people believe that his new album “Believe” will be truly amazing, which sources tell us that he should drop the album around June 25th, 2012. Be prepared.

That 70’s Arrest: Actress Lisa Robin Kelly Arrested on Felony Charges

Actress Lisa Robin Kelly Mugshot

Lisa Robin Kelly who is probably best known for her role as Topher Graces sister Laurie on ‘That 70’s Show’, was arrested on Saturday and is facing felony domestic violence charges.

The 42 year old actress, or I guess former actress would be more suiting here, was taken into custody by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Saturday afternoon. According to a Sheriff’s Department spokesman, she was released on $50,000 bail.

According to ABC News, at this time no charges have been filed yet with the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office.

I guess some people just can’t get their shit together in Hollywood (take note of this one Lohan, you’re not too far from a mugshot like this). I know it’s hard to remember her after looking at that disgusting mug shot, but if you watched ‘That 70’s Show’ then you remember the multiple reports of her being fired for continual drug use. And if you look at the Lisa Robin Kelly IMDB page in her bio section where it says “Where Are They Now”, hers reads “(November 2010) Pled guilty to DWI in North Carolina”.

This latest incident with Kelly is a little bit differnt than her usual m.o. though (although I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some drugs and/or alcohol involved). According to TMZ she claims that she is being set up by her male roommate/spouse (some sources are saying ‘roommate’ while others are saying ‘spouse’, it is still not confirmed what their relationship is).

Lisa stated that the two of them were having problems Friday night, and when she tried to leave that it was him who became violent with her. The man apparently left the scene before the cops showed up. Lisa decided not to press charges at the time.

Then shortly after the incident, the man showed up at the police station claiming that HE had been assualted by her. Lisa insists that this did not happen and that the man must have inflicted the injuries to himself.

According to Lisa, “He must have scratched himself or done something to himself,”.

The actress also added, “I am clean and sober and I have made a lot of progress. I am completely innocent. I weigh 105 pounds. I could never hurt him. I just want to start working again.”

We’ll see how this pans out although I don’t think I care too much now that she looks like that. Again though Lindsay, if your reading this take note.

Chevy Chase, Dan Harmon Feud Continues

The 3rd season wrap party for NBC’s ‘Community’ got a little heated when show creator Dan Harmon led an insulting chant towards star Chevy Chase who arrived at the party with his wife and daughter. Pretty low for someone (Harmon) who besides creating the hanging-on-by-a-thread NBC show, is basically only known for a crappy animated movie and a glorified Youtube video show, ‘Acceptable TV’. Oh, that and the half-assed ‘Sarah Silverman Program’. Enough said.

All of this supposedly started while filming a scene for the last episode. Chase supposedly had a problem with one of the scenes that was written for him. When he requested a rewrite, his proposal was shot down by Harmon and the shows producers to which Chevy replied that he would “respectively decline” and walked off the set without any incident or causing a scene (no pun intended). Harmon claims that he stuck to his guns because he had emotional attachment to the material he had written. Really? If you’re emotionally attached to any of the fucking garbage that has been written for ‘Community’ this season then you’re a fucking loser.

Chevy Chase later sent Harmon an appology and according to insiders from the set, all was thought to have been handled quietly. Well apparently the appology was not enough for Harmon. When Chevy Chase showed up for the wrap party, along with his wife and daughter, Dan begin chanting “Fuck You Chevy” and began encouraging others to join in. Sources claim that very few joined in.

Chase left the party immediately and later that evening left the now infamous voice mail to Harmon. The voice mail can be heard here: Chevy Chase voice mail to Dan Harmon

According to TMZ, One source is quouted as saying, “What Dan did was embarassing and left a sour taste in all of our mouths … so low class.”

The source adds, “The staff was not pissed at Chevy … we’re pissed at Dan. We all hope Chevy comes back next season.”

To make matters worse, Harmon pulled another low class move a few days later by playing the voice mail recording to an audience that he was performing in front of at a comedy event.

Some are reporting that feud or no feud, Chevy chase or no Chevy Chase, that because of a retings increase and a reported syndication deal with Comedy Central that NBC will not be pulling the show. Apparently they don’t watch their own shows because that show has become one of the worst pieces of shit on the air. And that is not any fault of the actors. That comes 100% down to the writing.

Did I do That? Jaleel White + Bridget Hardy Baby Mama Drama

Most famous for his hilarious role as Steve Urkel on the ‘90s sitcom “Family Matters,” Jaleel White is dealing with a not-so-funny situation in his real life. His ex-girlfriend and mother of his two-year-old child, Bridget Hardy recently said in an interview with Star magazine that White verbally and physically abused her in 2010. Hardy accuses White of hitting her and pushing her into a toilet, causing the toilet to break.

These claims have resurfaced just as the former “Family Matters” star’s career has come back to life. Currently, White can be seen cha-chaing and doing the quick step on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars.” Additionally, he has a new show on the Syfy channel. White says of the situation, “Bridget Hardy has consistently shown a knack for timing throughout our child custody disputes.” He also stated, “When you’re doing well in life, it’s par for the course certain individuals will try and knock you down.”

Another claim that Hardy has brought to the table includes the alleged offer of $200,000 for Hardy to leave their daughter with White and go start her own family. Additionally, Hardy found pictures of other women on White’s phone, as well as suggestive, flirty texts, and she accuses White of hooking up with girls at the home they once shared. During her interview with Star, Hardy says that White tried to hide the pregnancy to protect his “playboy image.”

So, why is Bridget Hardy coming out now and telling her story to Star? She’s been keeping the details to herself to protect Jaleel White, but according to White, Hardy has been trying to rake up more money beyond child support, especially now that White’s career has rebounded. He says, “I can assure all of my fans this is only residue from a child custody matter.”

Was Kim Kardashians “Flour Bombing” Just A Publicity Stunt?

Rumors have been circulating around the web that the now infamous Kim Kardashian “flour bombing” incident that happened last Thursday was all just a publicity stunt. Some websites and sources are even claiming Kim K’s own attention-whoring mother, Kris “I-Really-Want-To-Be-A-Kardashian-Again” Jenner (sorry, Bruce) was behind it.

So, if you don’t know what happened (watch the full Kim Kardashian flour bombing video here), here’s what went down; Kim Karadashian was promoting some crap of hers (I’m not going to mention what she was promoting because I’m not going to give this idiot anymore promotion than I have to) in Hollywood this past Thursday night. While on the red carpet a woman approached her from behind and dumped a bag of flour her head and down her back. It was actually pretty fucking funny. But do I think it’s a was a hoax, 100%.

After watching and “analyzing” the video, it does seem suspiciously publicity stunt-esque. First of all the flour bomber first comes into frame at about 00:18. She was likely on the red carpet for at least a couple of seconds before she entered the shot. The security guard is clearly in view and doesn’t look to be more than 10 feet away from Karadashian. The actually flour bombing happens at right about 00:21. The attack lasted for barely 2 seconds. At 00:23 the attacker is already done and fleeing the scene and the security guard is seen making somewhat of attempt to nab the flour bomber. My point here is that there was easily 5 – 10 seconds or more where this unauthorized woman was walking down the red carpet, behind Kim Kardashian carrying a big bag of white powder and neither this guy, or any of the others there, security or not, did anything to stop this woman.

So that leads me to my next point, someone just dumped a bunch of “white powder” all over Kim Kardashian. Did it really seem to you like the kind of reaction that you would expect from Kim? I mean at this time no one could have known that it was only flour, right? It took almost another 15 seconds for them to walk, and not very hurriedly, into the building. And there she was with her same dumb look on her face. She does not seem to be very fazed by the incident.

Others around the web have also pointed out that it was very convenient that she had a wardrobe change ready so quickly. All this combined with her first stating that she wasn’t going to press charges because she didn’t have time and just wanted to proceed with her event.

With the whole wedding and subsequent divorce drama with Kris Humphries, launching a new product and filming her reality show, this seems like a great time for a stunt like this.

Here’s the Kim Kardashian flour bombing video

Jersey Shore’s, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino Enters Rehab for Drugs and Alcohol

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino enters rehab for drugs and alcohol

So it looks like it is official – Mike “the Situation” Sorrentino has gotten himself into a little situation with drugs and alcohol (and supposedly “exhaustion”, what a fag). The Sitch had released a statement earlier this week regarding his checking into the Cirque Lodge rehab center in Utah claiming that he has “voluntarily taken steps to get control of a prescription medication problem I had due to exhaustion. I have spent the past several weeks getting treatment for this problem and recuperating from my work and appearance schedule. I appreciate my fans support and love you guys.”

Again, the exhaustion part always fucking kills me with these “celebs”. In my opinion this just proves what I’ve been saying since this dip shit first started gaining recognition, he’s a bigger pussy than the sloppy mess between Deena’s stumpy, cellulite pocked legs.

Enough about that troll, let’s get back to the douche bag at hand. As reported by TMZ (and every other celeb news site), The Situation checked himself into rehab his problem with prescription pills and alcohol. While none of the other current Jersey Shore cast members are talking about The Situations choice to check into rehab, one of my personal Jersey Shore favorites is more than willing to talk. Former cast member Angelina Pivarnick had this to say, “When he was on the show, he got in trouble for prescription pills,” she added, saying he’s dabbled in drugs for a while. “We were filming in a club in Miami.”

“One of the producers said, ‘Hey what was that?’ He had to give them up.”

Let it be known that Angelina supposedly has a reputation for talking shit in the past, but from watching the show and seeing how the Situation acts, I’m inclined to believe that this has been going on for awhile.

So with The Situation in rehab and Snooki’s recent pregnancy announcement, where does leave the ‘Jersey Shore’ season 6? No word yet on that, but here’s what I’m thinking: turn the smoosh room into a nursery and let the Sit’ play nanny while Snooki and the rest of these hot messes go out and do what the do best – make asses out of themselves for our amusement like monkeys in a cage.

My favorite Situation moment of all time:

Was Slinky Winfield Adele’s Inspiration for Her Grammy Award Winning Songs?

Slinky Sunbeam may have not been a ray of light for Adele. Was he the inspiration for the most angry, successful songs on her last album?

Nothing has intrigued music fans so much since Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain,” a biting lyrical collection of final thoughts about a self-absorbed ex-lover. When Simon’s song hit radio airwaves in late 1972, listeners were instantly intrigued, and a number of speculative candidates were mentioned, including Mick Jagger, Warren Beatty, James Taylor, David Bowie, David Cassidy, Cat Stevens, Watergate’s whistle-blower Mark Felt (“Deep Throat”) and record executive David Geffen. To this day, Simon has only revealed the subject’s identity to a handful of people and only vague clues to the rest of us.

On the Adele side, Slinky Sunbeam, also known as Slinky Winfield, is a 25-year-old musician and actor whom Adele met through mutual friends. It’s rumored that Slinky was all Adele was thinking about when she wrote the firey-and-frequently-played hit “Rolling in the Deep” from her album 21. “Rolling in the Deep” warns to not “underestimate the things that I will do,” threatens to “lay [the subject’s] ship bare” and reveal a story about the subject that will make his head burn and “think of me in the depths of your despair.” Ouch.

However, according to a 2011 review of 21 in The Guardian, the song was inspired by a Nashville-schooled U.S. tour bus driver – and the muse for it can’t be Slinky Sunbeam. In 2008, Adele vehemently denied any romance with Winfield on MySpace, saying, “People keep saying I am/was/seeing Slinky Sunbeam! I’m not and have never done. Whoever their ‘source’ is, they’re talking out of their arse. He ain’t my type!”

Whether the ex-boyfriend is Slinky Winfield or not, Adele has moved on. She’s presently dating Simon Konecki and has forgiven her former lover, whoever he may be. She said they’re becoming friends again, and enough time has gone by, even sharing some of the success of the album with him in some form.